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A note to prospective students.
Ivan C. Christov

Research Interests:

a) Complex and Nonlinear Systems: the study of the mechanics of natural phenomena using advanced mathematical techniques and state-of-the-art computational simulations; in particular: diffusion, mixing and self-organization of granular matter, flow in heterogeneous porous media, multiphase interfacial instabilities, fluid–structure interactions, viscoelastic flows and non-Newtonian rheology, shock-formation in compressible flows, dynamics of coherent structures in nonlinear wave equations, nonlinear Fourier analysis of physical data.

b) Numerical Methods/Analysis: the development of high-performance reliable simulation techniques for real-world applications; in particular: Godunov-type schemes for conservation laws and Hamilton–Jacobi equations, two-way-coupled approaches for viscous fluid–structure interactions, finite-volume methods for multiphase flows and reservoir simulation, implicit conservative finite-difference and finite element methods for nonlinear diffusion and nonlinear wave equations.

Just for Fun (scientometric databases, profiles, etc.):

picture of Ivan

Photo credit: Mike Black, Purdue.

  • Email:
    my purdue email
  • Snail mail:
    School of Mechanical Engineering,
    Purdue University,
    585 Purdue Mall,
    West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA
  • Physical office:
    Location: ME 2197
    Phone: +1-765-49-63733
  • Virtual office:
    Skype: ivan.c.christov

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